About Dr. Chef Sunil Kumar

Despite spending his professional life cooking, Sunil Kumar has always enjoyed baking and cake decorator. A naturally talented chef and baker’s, he has many year experience in baking and cooking. His enthusiasm for teaching students, together with his natural warmth, has endeared his to a generation of students and has ensured her a permanent place in their affections.

Sunil’s tremendous energy is now being channelled into bringing his skills to the widest possible audience. Sunil Kumar has done B.Sc. in hotel and hospitality administration form Institute of hotel management (I.H.M.)

Gwalior, M.P. I have attended various International Seminars in Bakery and confectionary, which enriched me. I am teaching bakery and food production at I.H.M. Gwalior last one year and have a great passion for teaching the bakery and food production subject my research area is food heritage and culinary tourism


Best Researcher, Teacher and chef


S.No Degree/Course University/


Division or Equivalent Marks %age of Marks Year of passing
Ph. D. Hotel and Tourism Management M.D. University


Awarded in Dec 2018
Master of Science

Hotel Management

Annamalai University First 431/600 72% 2014
Masters in Tourism



 IGNOU First 995/ 1600  62% 2012
B.Sc. (Hospitality and Hotel Administration) IGNOU/NCHMCT

IHM Gwalior

First 2683/ 4250  63% 2010
S. No Course University/Institution Duration Year of passing
Certified Hospitality Trainer(C.H.T.) NCHMCT & AIHM Chandigarh 02 Month 2011
Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education IGNOU One Year 2008
Advance Certificate in Web Designing O-TEC Computer Education 06 Month 2007
Basics of Computer, Window and MS Office Tata InfoTech Education One Year 2003


S. No Title of Workshop/ Training Programme Date of event Organized by
1. Management Development Programme on Information and Technology 16-22 March 2011 MSME­ Development Institute, Karnal
2. Research Methodology programme for Ph.D. students in Social Science 14-23 March 2015 Department of Commerce, MD University Rohtak
3. Interaction programme for Ph.D. Student on Research Methodology Interdisciplinary perspective and emerging scenario 11 Nov-01 Dec 2014 UGC­ASC BPS Mahila Vishwavidyalaya Khanpur Kalan, Sonipat
4. Research Methodology workshop training and its relevance in research 22-28 May 2015 Department of Political Science, MD University Rohtak


S. No Title of the Paper Presented Title of the Conference/ Seminar Date of event Organized by International/National
1. An analysis of the perceived food heritage of Haryana Food, Culture and Tourism 11-12 Oct 2013 Department of Tourism management, Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar, U.K. International Conference
2. Trend and practices in culinary research: A selected study of online journals in Hotel & Tourism Management Hospitality Growth & Development under Globalization: Features industry experts & academicians sharing innovation, technology, environment & HR practices 15-16 Nov 2013 MMICT&BM (Hotel Management)

MM University Mullana

National Seminar
3. Emerging Trend and practices in eating habit in Punjab Green Hospitality and Tourism Industry: Status Trends and future prospects 08-09 Feb 2014 UIHMT, Punjab University, Chandigarh National Seminar
4. Eco certification for Hotels in India: Issue and challenge Emerging issue in commerce and management 29-30 March 2014 Department of Commerce, Gaur Brahman Degree College, Rohtak, National Seminar
5. Eating Habits of Punjabi People in Punjab Paradigm shifts in global Hospitality and tourism industry 25-26 March 2014 Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management, MDU Rohtak International Conference
6. Website of Hotel management institute in India An empirical study of private institute under NCHMCT, MoT, GoT Contemporary scenario in tourism and hospitality industry 28 Aug 2014 Department of Hotel Management , Garden city College, Bangalore International Conference
7. The current and future trends, challenge, opportunities in Indian hospitality industry Food and Beverage Service Industry: Moderation, Innovation and Opportunities 31 Oct and 01 Nov 2014 UIHMT, Punjab University, Chandigarh National Seminar and Workshop
8. An exploratory study of Rewri and Gajjak in Rohtak, Haryana 6th Indian Hospitality Congress National Conference on Hospitality and Tourism 05-06 Feb 2015 School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies, DY Patil University Mumbai National Conference
9. Role of Bhagavad Gita in Holistic Life Management International Seminar on Bhagavad Gita: Holistic Life Management and world Harmony Tourism Motivation 06 Dec to 9 Dec 2016 Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra, Haryana International Seminar
10. Evaluation the existing food heritage of Haryana: The study of Indian Breads National conference on Tourism and Hospitality in India: Challenge, Potentials, Possibilities and New Dimensions 15 and 16 Sep 2017 IGNOU Bhopal and NCERT National Conference
11. Changing Pattern of Bread Consumption in Haryana National conference on Changing Dimensions of Business Management and Corporate Social Responsibility in Globalised Era 26 Sep 2017 IMSAR, M.D. University National Conference
12. Evaluating the Existing Food Heritage of Haryana: The study of Pulses and Cereals 3rd International Conference on Hospitality and Tourism Sustainability and Innovation in the digitised world of Hospitality 8 and 9 Feb, 2018 Le Corden Bleu and G.D. Goenka University, Gurugram International Conference
13. Evaluation of Food Heritage: History, Evaluation, Influences and Modern Trends National Conference on Indian Food Heritage: History, Evaluation, Influences and Modern Trends 12 and 13 March 2018 NCHMCT, Noida National Conference
14. Food Heritage of Haryana: An effective tool for tourism growth of Haryana International Conference on Food, Culture and Tourism 23 and 24 April, 2018 Indian Hospitality Congress and Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya International Conference


S. No Title with name of author(s) as appearing in the publication Journal/Book Volume, Year, Page Numbers ISSN/ ISBN
1. Chef Sunil Kumar, Evaluating the existing food heritage of Haryana: The study of Pulses and cereals published and paper present in 3rd international conference on Hospitality and Tourism Sustainability and Innovation in the digitised world of Hospitality, 8 and 9 Feb, 2018 Organised by Le Corden Bleu and G.D. Goenka University, Gurugram G.D. Goenka University Gurgaon 9789386-724458
2. Chef Sunil Kumar, Food Heritage in Haryana: A Descriptive Study conference full paper published in 2nd International conference on Hospitality and Tourism on Gastronomy, Tourism and Globalization, 15 Feb 2017 Organised by G.D. Goenka University G.D. Goenka University Gurgaon 97881- 93475-2-2
3. Dahiya A, Duggal S & Kumar S (2014) “Websites of Hotel Management Institutes in India: An empirical study of private institutes under NCHMCT, MoT, GoI” Published in RIPPLES, Aug 2014 Issue, Vol-04 No-1, pp 8-16, in Refereed Annual Journal of Department of Hotel Management, Garden City College of Science & Management Studies, Bangalore, Karnataka India RIPPLES

Vol-IV, No-1, 2014, pp 08-16

2229- 6794
4. Ashish Dahiya, Shelley Duggal & Sunil Kumar (2014) “An analysis of the perceived food heritage of Haryana: The study of spicy chutneys” Published in ATITHI: Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, Sep 2014, Vol-2, pp 167-178 ATITHI Vol-2, 2014, pp167-178 2347-6907
5. Dinesh Dhankhar, Sunil Balhara & Mahesh Sharma (2015) “A study of tourist’s expectations and preference of Haryana as travel destination” Published in ATITHI Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, Sep 2014, Vol-2, pp 73-90 ATITHI Vol-2, 2014, pp 73-90 2347-6907
6. Mahesh Sharma & Sunil Balhara (2015) “ICT (Information Communication Technology) and its applications in hospitality industry” Published in ATITHI Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, Sep 2014, Vol-2, pp 116-124 ATITHI Vol-2, 2014, pp116-124 2347-6907


  1. Attended workshop on ‘Flower arrangement’ on October 25 & 26, 2013 Organised by IHM Kurukshetra and All India Kitchen Garden Association, New Delhi
  2. Attended workshop on ‘Computing Skills in Management’ on October 18, 2013 Organised by IMSAR, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak
  3. Participation in National Seminar and hospitality summit “Shaping Youth for Hospitality &Tourism Industry” organized by Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management on the occasion of Haryana Tourism Day on 01 September, 2012


  1. Participate as a delegate at the IFCA Global Culinary Exchange, New Delhi on 29 Sep, 2015.
  2. Highest Attendance in 2007-08 and 2008-09 in B.Sc.(HHA)
  3. Highest marks in Accommodation Practical and Food production competition in B.Sc. (HHA)
  4. Participated in State Level in hand ball Tournament in 1998.
  5. Participated in District Level in hand ball in 1999 and secured 2nd position.
  6. Participated in Middle School Zonal level sports Tournament in 1998-1999 in Handball and Basketball secured 1st position.
  7. Participated in the alumni, Christmas theme and various lunch as a member in F&B team.


  1. Certificate of Appreciation awarded by Institute of Hotel Management Rohtak for participation in Suraj Kund Craft Mela (2 feb to 18 feb, 2018)
  2. Awarded Certificate of “The Aspiring Researcher of Hospitality, Travel and Tourism” by President, Indian Hospitality Congress for high quality work performed in the field of Hospitality and Tourism on 5th Feb, 2015 at School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies, DY Patil University, Navi Mumbai.
  3. Certificate of Appreciation by CEO, Mine ‘N’ M during workshop on ‘Enhancing Memory Skills’ on 21 Oct, 2015 at DAV girl’s college Yamuna Nagar.
  4. Certificate of Appreciation by Director – Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management, M.D. University Rohtak for Haryana Tourism Day 2014.
  5. Certificate of Appreciation by department of chemistry, M.D. University Rohtak and ISAS-DC for participated as volunteer in the national conference on advance chemical science on 1-2 march 2013
  6. Certificate of Appreciation by Principal and Hostel Warden for the occasion of lunch for Hindustan Petroleum Corporation on 12 Jan, 2008
  7. Certificate of Appreciation by Principal and F & B Committee Head for the occasion of Christmas Theme Lunch on 19 Dec, 2007
  8. Certificate of Appreciation by Training Manager- Centaur Hotel New Delhi for Industrial Training.
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